Saturday, February 16, 2008

Letter Sixteen

Febuary 16, 2008

Deer Editor:
I had no idea my manuscript was loaded wtih mispellings, dangling participals, and end of sentence prepositions. I don't deserve to have my novel of poverty in the deep South, RITA MAE, WHERE YOU AT? published, since Rita Mae don't talk right. Thank you for pointing this out.

I decided to take lessons from your well-written blog, and have enrolled me in a basic English class at the local community collige.

When I perfect my riting, may I queery again?

Thank you for your thyme.


U.S. Writer


Anonymous said...

You are sick! Wall Mart is hiring.

The SS

U.S. Writer said...

I tried Wal-Mart but FashionHut wanted me more. Have you seen the documentary, WalMart, The High Cost of Low Price?