Monday, February 18, 2008

Letter Eighteen

February 18, 2008

Dear Editor:
Please consider my 50,000 word science fiction fantasy novel MASTERING CHEWBACCA, AN S&M PRIMER, the sequel to my 2006 novel, WHAT WOULD CHEWIE DO?.

The immense, fur-covered warrior is back in action, this time as the bouncer at an exclusive London nightclub. The end of the Galactic Civil War has left the eight-foot Wookiee high and dry. But not for long.

Intrigued by the sordid public liaisons enjoyed by club patrons, Chewie falls for a six-foot-four 'top' named Bruce, and the result is pure pleasure.

Please give Chewbacca's next adventure your most enthusiastic consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


U.S. Writer


Anonymous said...

Dear U.S. Writer:
Please consider my idea for Chewbacca's next adventure.

Chewie and Bruce have realized that this is true love! They decide to move to San Francisco and become Domestic Partners at the steps of City Hall with a small gathering of friends throwing rice. The wedding night is pure ecstasy!

Bruce decides to expand Chewie’s limitations with full S&M wonder, experimenting with rubber devices, slings, and golden showers. Chewie is in heaven!

If you feel this is worthy of exploring further, please consider the next episode. Bruce and Chewie decide to open a business together.

Avid Fan

U.S. Writer said...

Avid Fan,
A worthy query.

Tell me, what business do Bruce and Chewie open?
bucket stand?
drag show club like The Cinch?
moroccan restaurant?

U.S. Writer

Anonymous said...

A sex club or bar with a play room South of Market. Names to consider: Hole in the Wall, The Rip Cord, Dungeon Master's. Let me know what sounds good.

Avid Fan