Sunday, March 23, 2008

Letter Thirty-nine

March 24, 2008

Dear Editor:
I have found an untapped genre. Please consider my erotic YA series, BOBBY MacDUCK: The Boner Patrol Chronicles, Vol. 1.

Faced with a hard-on in third period English Composition and a lack of available porn, seventh grader Bobby MacDuck forms a club made up of unfulfilled virgin boys. Meeting with friends Dickey and Art at a local hot spring by chance, The Boner Patrol is born. They will write, photograph, and desktop publish their private titillations, including secret video of the girls' locker room, thus saving themselves for marriage.

But when a hot new substitute teacher comes on the scene -- and plans to stay -- the secret plan goes awry. She's found out what they're up to, and the price of her silence is for the boys to become teacher's pet.

Please consider my novel for publication in this infinite genre.


U.S. Writer


Anonymous said...

Funny and sick. You nailed it, uh, so to speak. I imagine YA porn IS an infinite genre.

Anonymous said...

Please post another letter soon. I am starving for a new twisted laugh! Please don't make me run to the Emergency Room!

Avid fan

U.S. Writer said...

Avid fan,
A recent visit by Fashion Hut's own Regional Fuhrer, Jerry 'the Jer' Warner, has put us all in a uncreative, heads-down frenzy.

I'll be back.

U.S. Writer