Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Letter Twenty-seven

February 27, 2008

Dear Editor:
I'd like to address the issue you mentioned with the ending of STORM OF BLOOD.

Jake pushed open the front door and then hurried
inside. Even the rain couldn't dampen his excitement; Mike was coming for dinner. The thought made him smile. It had been eight years since he'd had a guest and he wanted Mike to feel at home. Jake knew the truth behind Mike's visit but he didn't care. Nothing mattered except the sturdy oak table and the placement of the pearl handled knives on the vinyl tablecloth. He lit the candles, then stood back to admire the light gleaming from the twin hurricanes. Beyond
the windows, the storm raged.

He smiled. When Mike arrived, the storm would cleanse them both.

Although I disagree that the original ending is 'vague', I took your sage advice and came up with a slightly different ending.

Jake is a nutbag. He kills Mike on the dining table.

Let me know what you think.


U.S. Writer


Anonymous said...

A perfectly sick ending!

Avid Fan

U.S. Writer said...

Avid Fan,
I am going with the alternate ending; god has spoken. If we don't smell blood at the end, those at a sixth grade reading level will protest. My deepest apolgies for your intellectual prowess.

U.S. Writer