Monday, February 11, 2008

Letter Eleven

February 11, 2008

Dear Editor,
Thank you for returning my manuscript, DIMWIT, sent to you in 1997. Enclosed please find an autographed sixth edition copy released by American Publishing in 2004. I truly hope you enjoy it. As a bonus, I've included a stack of its New York Times reviews.

Is there any way you could return my original postage in the amount of $8.92?


U.S. Writer


Yvonne said...

How many sacrifices (and what kind) do I have to make to get this one to come true? HA!

U.S. Writer said...

Tales of the strange and weird abound. Do you own a magic wand? Leave a large bar of chocolate on the porch and smear the front door with goats blood under a harvest moon. Burn a stack of rejections in a copper pot. Stare into the firelight to get ideas for your next work. Then read Letter Twelve, about the rejection I found in my inbox today.
U.S. Writer