Friday, February 8, 2008

Letter Eight

February 8, 2008

Dear Editor,
Your rejection with the comment 'stop sending me this crap!' made me cry. I haven't cried since I was a kid, when the neighbor's pug bit me in the ass and my father told me to suck it up.
The release was beneficial. Thank you for saving me years of psychoanalysis I can't afford by working at Fashion Hut.

My two day crying jag proved useful. Please consider my novel, Their Eyes Were Watching Pugs, my southern coming of age story.


U.S. Writer


Lady Emma said...

Dear U.S. Writer,
I am a writer because I get to write for myself, it's easy, I love hearing criticism, and the pay is so darn good.

vty, etc

Anonymous said...
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U.S. Writer said...

Lady Emma,
Your note made me laugh. You clearly have a handle on the writing life. I hope you use that dry wit in your writing?

U.S. Writer

U.S. Writer said...

Something angered you. If there was anything I could offer in the way of advice it would be simply this:
Anger blocks creativity.
Regardless of your particular profession, every person owes it to him or herself to pursue the dream. What is considered mundane in life actually is beauty in disguise. And if we view the world as evil, then we have given up victory at the outset.
Anyone who listens to Rollins has a creative mind; use it.
U.S. Writer